Examinations Office

The examinations office at Xaverian College is responsible for the management and administration of all externally awarded qualifications. It also oversees the delivery of internal end of year and mock examinations. The office works in conjunction with the College's Additional Learning Support (ALS) Team in the administration of examination access arrangements.

Information for Candidates - Summer 2019 Examinations

Student ID Card:
Invigilators will need to verify your identity. You must bring your ID card with you to every examination and display it on your desk. If you have misplaced your ID card you may obtain a replacement, free of charge, via student services in the Firwood building.

Centre & Candidate Numbers
Xaverian's Examination Centre Number is 32455. You will need to know your unique candidate number. This can be found in the 'Exam Timetable' area in CEDAR. Both these numbers are to be used in all examinations.

Seating Plans
Your candidate number and subject entry details are contained on the seating plans in this document. Examinations will usually be held in the Sports Hall, but sometimes it is necessary to use other rooms. Information about where examinations will take place, and seating arrangements, will be displayed for each day on the notice board in the Main Common Room next to Café X. Please consult this notice board before every examination and make sure you occupy the seat that has been allocated to you. If you think that another candidate has taken your seat, inform an invigilator immediately.

Examination Start Times
Morning sessions commence at 9.15 am and afternoon sessions commence at 1.30 pm. unless indicated otherwise on your examination timetable. You need to be waiting outside the examination room at least 10 minutes before the start time.

Do not be late for any examinations as you may not be admitted if you are. If you are likely to be unavoidably late for an examination, please phone the college on 0161 224 1781. Please do not email as messages may not be picked up until much later in the day. When you arrive at the examination room, contact the invigilator who will advise you on your situation. If you misread the timetable and turn up in the afternoon for an examination which took place in the morning, nothing can be done about it - you will have missed the examination.

Examination Timetables
Make sure you know your examination timetable thoroughly. Your own individual examination times are available in CEDAR. Check with your subject teachers that the information is correct. If for any, reason your examination sitting has been changed as a result of a clash this change will be shown in CEDAR. We have also emailed if any changes have been made. If you require supervision between examinations because of a clash or for any other reason do not, under any circumstances, leave the examination room unsupervised at any time. If you are in any doubt as to whether you are under such supervision, ask an invigilator for clarification. Leaving the examination room may lead to you receiving a zero mark.

Bottled Water
Bottled water, in a clear plastic bottle only, may be taken into an examination, but there must not be any label on the bottle. No other food or drink is to be taken into an examination.

Please make sure you have read and understood ALL the JCQ Information for Candidates Documents, the JCQ Warning to Candidates and the JCQ No Mobile Phones Poster all if which can be found below. As well as explaining regulations concerning the conduct of examinations, they also contain much useful advice. In particular, please note that you must not take any potential technological/web enabled sources of information such as mobile phones, iPods, MP3/4 players, smartwatches, etc. into an examination. All of this information can be found at the bottom of this page.

When in the examination hall/room you must follow the instructions given by invigilators at all times.

If you have any questions relating to the exams procedures at Xaverian College, please discuss these with your form tutor or Pastoral Manager in the first instance. If you are still unclear, contact the Examinations Office: exams@xaverian.ac.uk.

Seating Plans

The latest version of the seating plans for summer 2019 can be found via the link below. This plan is subject to change prior to the examination taking place and you should always check the seating plan in the common room on the day of the examination.

Public Examination Seating Plans Summer 2019

Year 12 (Lower 6th) End of Year Seating Plans