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About Courses

What courses should I choose?

This depends on your future plans, as well as the qualifications you have when you arrive at Xaverian.

There is a much greater choice of subjects at Xaverian than you will have been used to at High School, and you will also have the opportunity to choose a style of studying that suits you best.

The table below outlines the types of course and the differences between the types of course.

Levels of study

At Xaverian there are 3 levels of study, Advanced, Intermediate and Foundation.

The majority of our students are on Advanced level course, but we also offer a wide range of Intermediate courses.

Level Types of course available
Advanced A Level, BTEC, Applied A Level
Intermediate GCSE, BTEC
Foundation BTEC

About our courses

What is the difference between the types of courses?

There is often little difference between the content of most courses, but differences in the way they are assessed.

A-Levels For most A-Levels the main focus is on assessment by examination, supported by a small amount of coursework. However, some subjects such as Drama or Art have a much larger coursework requirement. A-Levels are divided into 2 separate courses – AS and A2. You will gain an AS qualification at the end of your first year that can then be converted into an A2 – a full A-level – with another year of study.
BTEC Advanced Advanced BTECs are equivalent to A-Levels in value, but offer a different form of assessment. The emphasis is on more applied skills, designed to meet the demands of a working environment, and there are fewer exams. One of the main features of BTECs is that they allow you to specialise. Courses can be equivalent to 1, 2 or even 3 A-Levels. Many employers and universities value the BTEC as providing specialised preparation for employment and further study.
Applied A Level These are A-Levels that differ from other A-levels in that they have a more practical approach to study and assessment. Assessment is a combination of coursework, practical assessment and examination.
BTEC Intermediate Intermediate BTECs are equivalent to GCSEs. They are applied, with an emphasis on practical skills, and are equivalent to 2 or 4 GCSEs. They can lead on to Advanced BTECs or A-Levels.
BTEC Foundation This is an entry-level course designed for students who have achieved very few GCSEs. It provides a foundation in basic skills as well as studying either Business or Health and Social Care. It can lead on to an Intermediate BTEC course.

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